Hiway Stabilizers is an internationally recognised brand established in 1986. It is a leader in the design and delivery of advanced stabilisation solutions for pavements in road construction, infrastructure, maintenance, gas and mining.

We offer a range of subgrade, subbase and basecourse modification services that are more cost effective than traditional road construction and rehabilitation methods.

These include foamed bitumen stabilisation, aggregate modification, subgrade and subbase improvement.

As well as the cost savings they generate our innovative solutions reduce construction time, increase strength and durability, and are more environmentally sustainable.


We provide a wide range of innovative, cost-saving solutions for:

New pavement construction.

Subgrade and subbase stabilisation.

Aggregate modification.

Basecourse improvement.

Road rehabilitation and maintenance patching.

Specialist heavy duty pavements for ports, airports and other heavy duty requirements.

Rail track stabilisation.

Commercial platform slab optimisation.

Residential developments.

Pavement smoothing.


Dustless stabilisation. 

Hot in place asphalt recycling. 

Dry matting.

Our philosophy is to utilise innovative techniques, quality systems, personnel expertise and our modern purpose built fleet to maintain and expand our position at the cutting edge of the stabilising industry. 


Hiway Stabilizers have pioneered the use of many of the stabilising technologies employed in Australia and New Zealand today.

Our expertise and commitment to innovation has seen us develop solutions that optimise the engineering properties of materials. This makes them ideal for use in a wide range of applications and conditions while minimising whole of life costs.

As part of our commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of the industry, we have the largest fleet of purpose built stabilisation plant across Australasia.

We have also developed a range of specialist binder blends and polymers that enable us to deliver exceptional performance in aggregate modification and infrastructure stabilisation.

Stabilizers Road Composition


The Hiway Group is the only specialist stabilising contractor in Australasia to provide extensive in-house pavement design services.

From concept design to delivery, our in-house team provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ for design of pavements, foamed bitumen, stabilising, rehabilitation, heavy duty and overlay pavement solutions.

We offer a range of consultancy services, from pavement investigation and materials classification and subgrade analysis, to bitumen ‘foamability’ testing and foamed bitumen mix design.

Our track record covers a variety of pavement types, from heavy duty pavements for port and airport applications to high level structural and modified highway pavements.

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